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pintec advantages

With pintec you save time and costs!

Reduction of set-up times

By using pintec, complexly shaped workpieces can be fixed quickly and easily. The pin fields adapt optimally to any free-form surface. Setup times are thus reduced.

Variable problem solution for complex shaped workpieces

Without pintec, every complexly shaped workpiece is first of all a problem for the user. An individual clamping solution must be worked out for each individual object before the actual work can be started. Pintec is the variable, fast and sustainable problem solution for these cases.

Shortened response times due to the speed of the pintec system

The reaction time within the individual company-internal requirements and processes is getting shorter and shorter. Pintec enables short response times to these requirements.The speed of the process flow is thus effectively improved.

Fast and flexible handling of the clamping system

Pintec can be set up very quickly due to the geometry of the base module, as an optimal interface. Pintec can be mounted on any surface/plate. Only threads in M6, M8, M10 or M12 have to be available for the mounting. No additional T-slot profile plate is required.

Reduction of fixture construction and storage space

Where previously fixtures had to be built in an elaborate, expensive and time-consuming manner, with pintec, a quick helper is immediately at hand. You save both the construction of the fixture as well as the subsequent storage, i.e. expensive storage space is also saved.

Modular construction principle, which makes retrofitting as required completely unproblematic

Pintec can be expanded modularly at any time according to individual requirements.

Own production

Pintec is "Made in Germany" and is manufactured and assembled by ourselves in our factory in Aspach (40 km northeast of Stuttgart). Therefore pintec has a very good price-performance ratio.

Very good relation of pin diameter to stroke with flexform module

From a technical point of view, pintec offers a very good relation of the pin diameter to the stroke of the pin. This achieves a perfect impression and ensures good and secure fixation.

Good design of the pintec system

Through the appealing design of pintec you show professionalism at work with an equally professional effect towards the customer. During the design development, care was taken to ensure that no screw remains visible that is not needed for functional reasons.

No maintenance necessary, therefore no follow-up costs

When pintec is used properly, no maintenance of the system is necessary. After the purchase of pintec, there are no further follow-up costs.

Pintec is successfully established in the market

Pintec was developed by Christian Bewer in 2007 and has since been consistently introduced to the market. In the meantime, pintec has successfully established itself in the market. An excerpt of our references can also be found on our website.