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First fix - then mark! The perfect duo for your workshop

Marking small components becomes child's play with this duo. Whereas until now special clamping devices were necessary for each of your components, now all your components can be clamped and then marked with just one device. Fix your workpieces in just a few seconds. Press the component into the pintec® clamping system, tighten the locking screw and mark. Any other component of the same size can be inserted into the fixture and marked in just a few seconds - without having to readjust the fixture.




"Today we can set up our long bed milling machine with eight vises within one hour. Thanks to CENTREX duo, the vices are automatically aligned with each other when they are clamped. Even the probing of the zero point is superfluous."
"Since we need the T - slots of the machine table for clamping parts, only CENTREX duo came into question for us. With another system, the T-slots would be covered or unaffordable for us. "
"The taper of the CENTREX - system allows a tilt-free joining "


2008 08 23 Ludwigsburger-Zeitung

Bewer motto: You can't go any faster

Bewer motto: You can't go any faster

Kornwestheim-based mechanical engineering company manufactures high-quality precision parts on demand
Kornwestheim - Ten years ago, Christian Bewer took the plunge. It all started as a one-man operation. He used a second-hand CNC machine to produce precision milled parts for the medical sector. He now employs eight people and is continuously increasing his annual sales volume.


So that workpieces can be measured safely

Christian Bewer has developed a smart adaptive clamping system - company ten years old

Kornwestheim. Christian Bewer and his eight employees usually machine metal parts. He drills holes, cuts threads, mills corners and curves. But sometimes the 42-year-old master machinist also invents something.


PPMS structures make-to-order production

Quality means doing it right the first time.

This is the motto of the Kornwestheim-based single-part and small-series parts manufacturer Christian Bewer - Cutting technology and smart adaptive clamping systems. The successful young company is supported by a "PPMS" system for process-oriented and effective production control and the associated company organization from "number of pieces" 1.

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